Communication is Key

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Firstly I wanted to say Thank you to WordPress for notifying me that I have been blogging with them for 7 years. Wowza!

Now, moving on. I write my blog because it is a place where I can put my opinion out there and despite what anyone thinks I can be 100% honest. Without the fear of social segregation from an opinion that does not conform with societies current beliefs or even someone just having a bad day and taking it out on the first person they come across. I do love blogging as the community is actually quite amazing. A community that allows you to converse with people about your favourite things and just have a chat to someone who shares a similar thought but might be on the other side of the world. Amazing.

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We all have days that aren’t so great and on those for me the best thing is a great cup of coffee and a book. There are three favourite books that I have listed previously HERE. However every book I read sends a different message and leaves me with a different set of thoughts and feelings. When I read I feel my mind swelling with information that of the real world included and if I am honest it feels great.

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Being a nurse there is little time left for a normal life outside of work but escaping into my latest book is always something that I try to make time for. I have to admit it is kind of like a cheap version of therapy. Not being one to pour out my emotions and thoughts to others the insular part of me is grateful to all of those fabulous authors out there that have created something for me to escape with.

Why do you blog? And if you don’t what is your outlet?


2 thoughts on “Communication is Key

    • Just the other week I had a conversation with my best friend trying to figure out when I started blogging as this was not my first blog or platform (I used to be a blogger user!). But 7 years on here was like wow! Thanks 😀


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