Bloggiesta Ole!

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I haven’t taken part in Bloggiesta (Ole!) for a while now so what a better time to get stuck in again! To begin I am posting my to do list here and will be checking off tasks as and when completed. Hopefully this time around I will be able to complete all of my tasks. My list isn’t actually that long but due to work in between I am a little bit sceptical!


Right – time to get seriously positive!

  • Look up and comment on at least 30 new bloggers – starting with bloggiesta participants
  • Update at least five Goodreads links to reviews on blog
  • Take part in at least 2 mini challenge posts
  • Add one thing or change one thing on blog sidebar
  • Take part in at least one Twitter Chat – hopefully Book Blogging Basics – any idea what time 11am eastern is in GMT?
  • Update pages on blog – edit/delete
  • Create blog follow list
  • Put together one ‘How To’ post – not sure what for yet!
  • Change all avatars across social media so matching (mostly done!)
  • Organise posts for read-a-thon coming up in October πŸ˜€ – exciting!

Right about now I think that is more than enough for me to be getting on with. I am looking forward to a mini challenge or two! What are you looking forward to the most throughout the Bloggiesta weekend?


16 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Ole!

    • Goodreads really is great – I usually just post a link to my blog so I don’t have to worry about all the copy and pasting – but I might go back and copy and paste after all. πŸ˜€


    • I have been terrible with my bloggiesta this weekend – I think I am going to add an extra day and power through the Monday as I am off work!

      I hope you got around to making your list – will be having a looksie on your blog πŸ˜€


    • I managed to do my icons a while back – I have changed most of my avatars just a few more to go! I will check out your twitter asap!

      Thanks for the luck with the list! I will need it! I have been out all weekend and will have to pull a long day tomorrow and power through!


    • Very ambitious now I am looking back at it! Couple things almost ticked off but will have to do some serious catching up tomorrow! I know it’s not official but better late than never!


    • Going to continue working on my list tomorrow as it has been quite a full on weekend! Well done on getting through your list and that bonus list looks meaty! πŸ˜€


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