Christmas is Coming

Christmas, Festive Season, White Christmas, Snow

It is very true that although we are at this very moment only in October thoughts of Christmas and the festive season have already taken over. With all of the Halloween decorations around the shops the baubles and tinsel are slowing beginning to creep up on us. Christmas is coming ladies and gents.

During the festive season myself and Catherine are planning on doing a bit of a collaboration and have made a little list of what we may have in store for you. CHECK IT OUT! 

  • Christmas Shopping Haul
  • Decoration Making
  • Tree Decoration
  • Home Decoration
  • Christmas Cookie making (Including sugar cookies)
  • Christmas Card Making
  • Gingerbread House/Men/Women Recipe (And Eating of course!)
  • Festive Drinks Recipes
  • Christmas Cracker Making

That is quite a list and that is just for starters. There will be quite a lot going on over the festive season so keep your eyes peeled.

What are your festive plans?


Please do share . . .

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