Read-a-Thon Hour 9 & Notting Hill

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Creeping into Hour 9 and it is 9:15pm here in the UK. Having had dinner, pottered about and managed to organise the rest of my night out I have finished my first book. The catch is I was already half way through at the beginning of the Thon. This may sound like a cheat but you know what, I was still reading! Why not!


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I am more sure than ever now that I will be reading the rest of this series of books. Towards the end I was clutching to a pillow with tears in my eyes! But before I tell you any more I will save that for the review and leave you with this song.

Next Up

The Christmas Surprise, Jenny Colgan, Fiction, Books, Reading, Chick Lit, Festive, Christmas, Winter, Little Brown Books UK, Sphere, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

What are you reading?!


6 thoughts on “Read-a-Thon Hour 9 & Notting Hill

  1. Wow, you’re doing great! Don’t forget to move around a bit from time to time and eat and drink regularly. I hope you like the books you picked! #TeamKing


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