To Do Tuesday – Blogmas Day 9

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Last Weeks List

Edit pictures for this week

Schedule 3 posts for next week with pictures

List of Christmas cards to write

– Comment of 10 new blogs

– Put together gift basket for mothers

How Did I Get On?

As you can see I got most of my list done. On the commenting front there were only a couple of blogs that I commented on. However this week I have been slightly more active on Twitter than usual and am trying to take more pictures and Instagram straight away.

Christmas Shopping, Christmas, Shopping, Oxford Street, Festive, Seasonal, Season, Crowds, Presents

On the gift basket front I have been Christmas shopping a couple of times this week and done a lot more shopping for myself – although that is expected as I was surprisingly prepared this year as most presents are already bought. This is something that even surprises me!

Something that took my surprise that one step further was the sneaky find of two fabulous baskets that I will be using to make gifts for two lovely mothers. Keep your eyes peeled for a post on the completed baskets.

This Weeks List

– Write Christmas cards and send for Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange

– Wrap and bag Christmas presents

– Put up Christmas lights

– Schedule 1 week of posts

– Comment on 10 news blogs

Hopefully I will be able to get through this list – fingers crossed.

I will be on Twitter & Instagram this afternoon whilst out and about!

See You There 😀

7 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday – Blogmas Day 9

    • Haha! If only everything I needed to do was on that list! I have limited myself to 5 bloody things to do a week or I go into overdrive and have no life!
      As for the minion set! Already bought girly! That was one of things that came home with me yesterday!!! 😀 Thanks for the heads up though 😀 – are you getting it?! x

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