REVIEW: Ozeri Moderna Pedometer 4×3 Motion – Blogmas Day 10

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Sleek, small and easy to use with only 4 control buttons. Easy fit for most pocket sizes (even the tiniest of skinny jeans!) and if you have no pockets pop it around your neck with the handy loop. With easy set up instructions I was good to go pretty much as soon as I opened up the box.

Does it work?

At work as I am constantly on my feet I thought that it was the perfect time to take this out for a test run. I checked on it a couple of times during my shift (13 hours!) and despite not being able to account step for step as I had been busy with other things I did walk up and down a couple of times and it was fairly accurate.

One thing that was quite impressive was that it tracks 7 days of exercise and not only steps but average speed, time and calories burnt. This is great as over a week of work I was able to compare what was done on a day at work and a day off – my, my what a difference. Alongside the 7 day tracker you have a calendar and time feature which is handy if you don’t have a watch or phone to hand.

It was easy to carry as I could either hang it around my neck or have it in my pocket. As it is small enough it fit in my trouser pocket and stayed there for the rest of the day. If no movement is made the screen sleeps after 30 seconds. For a thorough test this nifty little item will be coming out for another outing walking the dog so I will be back with more soon to let you know how I get on. Pictures will hopefully be taken – if the weather isn’t too bad!

pedometer, ozeri, 4x3 motion


This item is currently on sale for £15.95 on Amazon.

*Thank you to the people at Ozeri for sending me this item for review

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Ozeri Moderna Pedometer 4×3 Motion – Blogmas Day 10

  1. I used to have a pedometer and was always really interested to see how many steps I took on different day. It’s definitely a good way to track whether you need to be doing more as well. Love the look of this one too. xxx


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