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Firstly I would like to thank you for stopping by Blog A Book Etc. I have been writing reviews for a while now and it is nice that you are taking the time to see what I think about the books and other products published on here. This site is not solely for book reviews hence the title having ‘Etc’ at the end. I attempt to review all products that are sent to me within one month dependent on the book or product, this also depends on my work schedule.

As I work full-time shift work most of my reading time is during commuting or on those odd moments that I am off work. It usually takes me around two weeks (maximum) to complete a book dependent on pages. I am happy to receive requests for review of kindle books just state this in your request. Requests from publishers, agents are accepted however direct author requests will not be accepted. All reviews will be posted to this blog and a link copied to my Goodreads page as soon as possible after I finish reading. It is possible for reviews to be posted on Amazon and elsewhere if requested. If there is a specific date that you would like the review to be posted please also mention this in your email.

The majority of the photographs used on this blog are my own and as above if they are not will be otherwise stated and credited to the original source. If you find a photograph that I have either not credited or credited incorrectly and you own the copyright to please do not hesitate to contact me and I can either credit correctly or remove the image. For books and products if there are specific images that you would like me to use I am happy for these to be emailed and included in posts – they will be credited accordingly.

Advertising is something that I currently cannot do but will be looking into very soon. Any future advertising will be relevant to the blog and its content.

Thoughts and opinions that are published to this blog are all my own unless otherwise cited, stated, linked or referenced. This site is not affiliated with any companies, individuals or specific brands. Any questions regarding affiliation please Email Me. All reviews for books, products and otherwise are written with my honest opinion and product review requests will not be accepted on the premise that a falsely positive review is published.

Any products or services that have been gifted to me I will state at the time of posting at the end of the post.

Many genres are considered for review and those that I do not tend to accept are listed below.

Children’s Books

Paranormal Novels

Political Literature

Religious Works


If you would like contact me please feel free to Email Me.

Have a lovely day/evening!



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