5 days of Christmas – Blogmas Day 20

Originally this post was called the ’12 days of Christmas’ however due to numerous items on my Christmas agenda it is a little late – even in the day. For today I am thinking seriously about who I have forgotten on the Christmas card list. This years list is much shorter as my time has been incredibly tight but the cards that I sent abroad went off just on time I think. Check out some of the Christmas cards that I am coveting for the January sale!

Blue & Red Robin cards - Etsy

Pack of 6 Cards & Envelopes (10 x10) by Mad Parrot Crafts – £2.75 – Etsy

Ginjas Etsy
Holiday Cards – Ginjas Set of 6 by Mud Splash Studios – £11 – Etsy

Christmas tube map charity cards - pack of 8Christmas Tube Map Charity Cards pack of 8 – £3.50 – Paperchase

Box of 15 kraft & neon glitter Christmas cardsKraft & Neon Glitter Christmas Cards pack of 15 – £6 – Paperchase

4 3D Festive Town Scene Christmas Cards

4 3D Festive Town Scene Christmas Cards – £5Now £2.50Marks & Spencer

Aren’t they just great 😀 – what sort of cards do you like to buy?


Bargains & giving back!

For the first time I tagged along with Catherine from Vintage Frills on one of her thrifty shops. We visited around six shops in Worcester Park, Surrey. The one that stood out the most of for me was the Marie Curie shop. The manager Helen had a chat with us and told us all about her ambitions for the store. I hope that in the future the shop really does work out well for her and I will most definitely be back to visit and maybe even volunteer! Thanks Helen and I am sure we will be in touch. Check out Helen’s Facebook page for Marie Curie Worcester Park. Also this may be worth mentioning – if you are around the area or can get to this place and want something in particular then contact Helen and you may be in luck. 

Check out my haul

charity dvd haulTwo DVD’s for £2 – not a bad deal at all! A couple of weeks ago I commented on a post about When Harry Met Sally and now I have it all to myself.  I am pretty sure I already own 500 days of summer however if I do then it was all for charity and I can give it to Catherine!

charity haul books

£4.50 for three books – now let me say I am so happy with this particular bit of my charity shop haul. Over the past couple of weeks Catherine (Vintage Frills) has been reading the Aaronovitch books and absolutely loves them. After reading what they are about and hearing her endless praise for the writer I was only too happy to find them for £1.50 each in the charity shop. Getting what I want and giving back – two in one and a bargain!

In total I believe we visited around 6 charity shops for different organisations and between us picked up various bargains. It is definitely an experience that I look forward to repeating and next time my budget will hopefully be bigger. On Monday I went out with a budget of £20 and the most expensive I bought was the coffee before we set out to be thrifty. I also came home with £15 of the originally budget.

Not bad for a day out at the shops! Keep checking back for more thriftiness!