It’s A Berry Red Christmas – Blogmas Day 4

Believe in Christmas
It’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas and with all the lovely deep reds around it is most definitely a colour that should be thrown into the mix to heat things up for this party season. From nails and lips to those luscious red bottomed soles this is the time to get dressed up and party the night away. It will be a Berry Red Christmas for all of us I hope!

Favourites From The Bunch

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As you can see my Essie obsession will most definitely come in handy for the party season – light to dark and mixture of course.

Grab your favourites at your local Boots or Online

What are your go to colours for the Festive Season?

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Despite not being able to get this jacket in my size as it goes from a size 4-12 I am sure I can find it somewhere!
This can be dressed up and down and used for more than one season so a win win all round.

Reiss – £265

New Look, John Zack, Black, Lace, High Neck, Crop Top, Fashion, Winter, A/W14, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Skirts, High wasted trousers, smart or casual. This top can be worn with a multitude of things and dressed up or down.
Even without accessories this top will look gorgeous for the simplicity of the lace.

New Look – £24.99

What are you favourites and what will you be wearing this festive season?



I started writing this post last week and then the week just took over. As many of you know I am a nurse and I work shifts so things can be a little hectic when it comes to having time to sit down and schedule posts.

This weeks post will be a little different as I will be including bits about what has been happening with me and not just the books I have read etc! I have done this before and really enjoyed writing the posts. Well, here goes!


As I mentioned above I have been on night shifts but recently work has been full on as my shifts are a bit all over the place. A couple of months ago I started writing the staff newsletter and really enjoy doing so, this has now become a monthly thing.

nurse, life of a nurse

Despite being nagged by everyone and their dog to get the flu jab this year I am yet to do it. This week I got a very bad cold – I don’t think it was flu but it was bad enough to make me want to go and get the jab as feeling like this is one thing and from experience flu is even worse!

flu jab, health, medication

Christmas shopping – yes I said it! Although some may deem it too early I just see it as being organised slightly as I am sure there will be something that I will leave to the last-minute. The shops are already being ransacked for presents that will be presented to our nearest and dearest. Have you started yet?

santa moped!

I have not been to the gym in over 3 weeks and I feel very bad for this. Bad enough to scoff a delicious mince-pie with my coffee – I will get around to going back but I think I should ease myself into it! Some light swimming perhaps!


Over the past couple of weeks my make up collection has grown significantly. Especially in the NARS department. Their seasonal colours are truly amazing and I can think of no better reason to get glammed up even for a night sipping red wine at your local bar/pub or just a simple shopping trip with a vamped up look.

I have already written a post about one of the colours from the Audacious lipstick range but will be posting the rest of my lovely collection over the next couple of weeks. Today however I wanted to share with you a favourite that seems to be used on a daily basis and may be in need of a refill sooner rather than later!

NARS, Cosmetics, Lip, Lips, Lip Pencil, Velvet Matte, Bahama

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama – £18

This pencil is an absolute beauty and something that if available I will be making several buys. The colour is incredibly neutral and as it is matte stays on for such a long time that reapplication is few and far between. At £18 it’s not cheap but totally worth it if within your budget.


Currently Reading

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Last week I was sent three books by Sheila Roberts and as agreed I am starting to read The Snow Globe first. There will be a review up on Wednesday 3rd December as I am taking part in the Blog Tour for the book.

Just Received

Foxglove Summer, Ben Aaronovitch, Fiction, Books, Reading, London, Rivers of London, The Folly

I absolutely love Mr A’s style of writing as well as most of the books being based in London (I Heart My City!) they are just such a great adventure. I look forward to getting stuck into this one.

Recently Reviewed

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Check out my review HERE

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Check out my review HERE


Over the past couple of months I have attended a few events and as this is party season the calendar is filling up pretty fast – not only with work but social and bloggy events. Tonight I will be attending a decadent sleepover in honour of the release of Sylvia Day’s new book. Champagne and Chocolates here I come!

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That’s all for now guys 😀

NARS Audacious BETTE

men shopping research

Just yesterday I headed over to Westfield in White City with one of my colleagues for a little shopping trip and a catch up. I picked up a couple of goodies for me and about the house. The one item that was truly out there for me was my brand spanking new NARS Lipstick. As the title says this gorgeous autumn shade is part of the new Audacious collection in the colour Bette. Never really being one to opt for bold coloured lips this colour really is a big thing for me. Of course to counteract my flamboyant colour choice I also purchased a Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama which is a beautiful nude shade which I will talk about in another post.

Back to Bette . . .

Audacious Collection, Audacious, Lipstick, Bette, Dark, Red, Deep Red, Autumnal, Nars, Beauty, Cosmetics

A deep shade of red that slicks onto the lips like satin sheets against bare skin. This lipstick makes my lips feel super sexy and even added a bit of pep to my step after a slightly rubbish weekend. It is true that cosmetics and in general beauty can make you feel better inside and out. Check out this gorgeous lipstick and go to the website and see what other fabulous colours it is available in. At the moment the UK website is not allowing you to buy but of course Westfield is there if you can get to it.

NARS, Nars Cosmetics, Audacious Collection, Audacious, Bette, Red, Deep Red, Dark Red, Lipstick, Autumn

Not only is the actual colour of the lipstick gorgeous the packing is chic and just so functional. With a little magnet incorporated there is no chance your lid will go walkies whilst in your make up bag/handbag/pocket! So both beautiful and functional. This is most definitely one colour that I will be wearing on my days off just to jazz up my most ordinary look.

What is your go to colour? Any favourites?

It’s Monday Again!

monday again

There are some Monday’s that I honestly could just crawl back into bed but this is one that I have no intention of leaving. As I worked most of the weekend on nights and spent the majority of yesterday having a lovely afternoon celebrating my best friends birthday, today is my official day of rest. There will be reading, knitting and many movies watched today.


Currently Reading

Inferno - UK cover

The first couple of pages had me less than hooked to say the least. However now I am slowly getting into it and pushing past Brown’s monotonous tones (yes even in the book!) I am beginning to enjoy the similar storyline of a city chase.

On my Kindle

gillian flynn gone girl

Whilst I was travelling I downloaded this and the two follow-up books. Hopefully it will be read next but who knows!

Skin Care

ufm kiehls

I am love with Kiehl’s in general but this face cream is fantastic and keeps my skin hydrated for most of the day. I keep a little sample pot in my bag just in case I have an emergency dry spot but once is usually enough for the entire day.

kiehls creme de corps

Quietly sobbing to myself as my bottle is pumping out the dregs and I need a new bottle. I have the large bottle and have managed to work my way through the entire thing in less than a month. That being said I was moisturised incredibly well for the entire month (dusk until dawn!).

Both of the Kiehl’s products are a must have and a purchase I will be making when I go away again.


zara two sided soft scarf

This scarf came home with me all the way from Kuala Lumpur – I was glad of it on the chilly plane and I am more than glad of it now our weather has decided to slowly but crisply blow us all into oblivion. Toasty warm and extra snug this scarf is with me most days.

What are you up to this week?