5 days of Christmas – Blogmas Day 20

Originally this post was called the ’12 days of Christmas’ however due to numerous items on my Christmas agenda it is a little late – even in the day. For today I am thinking seriously about who I have forgotten on the Christmas card list. This years list is much shorter as my time has been incredibly tight but the cards that I sent abroad went off just on time I think. Check out some of the Christmas cards that I am coveting for the January sale!

Blue & Red Robin cards - Etsy

Pack of 6 Cards & Envelopes (10 x10) by Mad Parrot Crafts – £2.75 – Etsy

Ginjas Etsy
Holiday Cards – Ginjas Set of 6 by Mud Splash Studios – £11 – Etsy

Christmas tube map charity cards - pack of 8Christmas Tube Map Charity Cards pack of 8 – £3.50 – Paperchase

Box of 15 kraft & neon glitter Christmas cardsKraft & Neon Glitter Christmas Cards pack of 15 – £6 – Paperchase

4 3D Festive Town Scene Christmas Cards

4 3D Festive Town Scene Christmas Cards – £5Now £2.50Marks & Spencer

Aren’t they just great 😀 – what sort of cards do you like to buy?


Popular (The Party from Penguin)

My, my that is a lot of P’s! Myself and Catherine headed to Penguin Headquarters in Central London for a wonderful Vintage themed Book Party. There was an interview with the author that was held by Jo Elvin the editor of Glamour MagazineI managed to get a couple of pictures (not many – sorry!) and as myself and Catherine walked over the river on the way home there are so pictures of that too.

Popular Book Launch

The mini burgers not only looked awesome they were absolutely delicious! There was a pop up hair and make up stand – with my hair in corn rows I was unable to get my hair done and as I wasn’t feeling particularly adventurous I didn’t partake in a makeover either. However some of the guests that did really did look stunning. There were some stalls selling some fabulous vintage items such as clothes and accessories. One in particular is Red Bird Makes which had some delightful brooches and other vintage like jewellery on sale. After looking through her Etsy I really could damage my bank balance. Check it out as it is truly AWESOME!


Maya and Jo had an intense conversation over the course of about 30 – 40 minutes and I even managed to ask a question. This young girl is a true inspiration – at 15 years old with her first book published and many other projects ready and waiting she is something of an icon for those her age. As I am currently reading another book this one has been added to the top of the pile.

Maya was lovely enough to sign two extra copies of her book for me to giveaway right here on the blog so keep your eyes peeled for the giveaway – it will not only be for the book but the goody bags that came with it – check out the contents below.

goodies with a view

The day was finally over and we headed back home via this wonderful view.

With a massive THANK YOU to Penguin and a cheery HELLO to the lovely ladies I met whilst there – I had a fantastic time and look forward to future events.