Last Minute Stocking Fillers – Blogmas Day 24

Last Minute Christmas Stocking Gifts


There is always something that gets forgotten in the haste of preparing for the big day. Check out my selection of little things that you can find whilst out and about just to stack up those stockings for a champagne breakfast and sneaky present opening. From Urban Decay to Yankee Candles this selection has something for everyone – although there is a lack of male presence! So for the men in your life check out the selection below for some last-minute gifts that can be found in many shops.
Last Minute Stocking Fillers for Him
If you man has a sweet tooth or likes to pamper himself there is something for almost anyone in the selection above. I hope you are more prepared than I am and are enjoying the holiday season.

It’s Monday . . . wait?!

Ok so I am a little late but I have to say *whew* what a busy weekend it has been. I am still playing catch up with my Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day (I will get there by the end of the day hopefully!). So what have I been up to . . .


Rivers of London

This is the first book on my list for the Wicked Valentine’s Read-a-thon and I am absolutely loving it. At the moment I will keep schtum about how I feel as all will be revealed in my review with a small summary in the wrap up post I hope to write for the read-a-thon!


final tesco haul

That ‘small’ collection is just the icing on top of a very large cake I seem to have concocted. My addiction to make up products seems to have taken a vigorous turn for the broke end of things as I just can’t stop picking it up. However myself and Catherine (Vintage Frills) who also seems to have this illustrious bug have made a pact to become thrifty over the next couple of months. I hope it works!

There are a couple of products in the picture above that I am adoring right about now and they are:

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nordic Berry Lip Care

F&F Eye Liner Ink – Black

There will be reviews for these products some time this week so keep your eyes peeled.


Over the past week I have been using hand cream at every opportunity and my hands really have thanked me for it. Another hit to my wallet was my new hand cream stash however I can slightly justify this stash as I know it is a product that I will use every day for work if nothing else. Being a nurse DAMAGES your hands and if I don’t want them to look old before their time I need to pay attention to them.

Last weeks favourite is . . .

lacura hand cream

With a massive thank you to Catherine for picking this up for me I have stashed this beauty in my locker at work for those moments when dry just will not cut it.

A review will be posted this week. 


Composting is still happening however I am having a bit of an overflow problem. With such beautiful british weather (oh the sarcasm!) I really need to get hold of a garden composter to empty out my kitchen waste. Maybe next payday! Or I could try and build my own – hmmm!

Otherwise at home

quinoa cooking

I have been experimenting with new foods and Quinoa (pronounced Kee-noir – thanks Catherine!) is a new favourite. Used as a rice substitute and after my first try quite easy to cook it was mixed with a range of things from various recipes that I adapted.

The picture above was taken by myself, I will brand it soon! 

A recipe for the above picture with other pictures will be posted soon.

What have you been up to?


Sweet Cecily’s

Whilst on a night shift I received an email update from the lovelies over at Souk Souk and found a new skin care brand. Sweet Cecily’s.

Check out their Meet the Maker with Cecily the owner of this beautiful brand HERE. With much love and experience Cecily provides the public with some wonderful products that are blessing to any cosmetics cupboard/shelf/table!

sweet cecilys almond and avocado face cream £7.10

Almond & Avocado Face Cream – £7.10/100ml
After a long set of shifts day or night my face tends to either break out in spots or start to feel incredibly tight. This gentle formula could be a possible solution.

sweet cecilys mojito flavour lip balm £2.95

Mojito Flavour Lip Balm – £2.95/10ml
Just imagine a cocktail on the lips!

sweet cecily's lime and mango lip balm £2.95

Lime & Mango Flavour Lip Balm – £2.95/10ml
This flavour sounds absolutely scrumptious!

sweet cecilys earl grey tea flavour lip balm £2.95

Earl Grey Tea Flavour Lip Balm – £2.95/10ml
I am unsure about this flavour but I am intrigued as I have only recently started to drink the tea and remain undecided!

Sweet Cecily's Citrus & Walnut Body Scrub £9.95

Citrus & Walnut Body Scrub – £9.95/100ml
I’m unsure about the smell of the walnut but I can only guess that the citrus part will be truly invigorating!

sweet cecily's vanilla body butter £15.00

Vanilla Body Butter – £15.00/200ml
Yum! 😀

sweet cecily's elderflower & almond hand cream £6.25
Elderflower & Almond Hand Cream – £6.25/50ml
Once again Elderflower is something that I am not acquainted with however the mix with Almond sounds promising.

sweet cecilys fresh faced gift box £15.00

Fresh Faced Gift Box (My choices – Pink Clay Face Mask, Witch Hazel Toner & Almond & Avocado Face Cream)
£15.oo – 3 Items
This pack is such great value for money – and for a present for either a friend or just a treat for yourself it is worth it.

Check out all of Cecily’s lovely products at Sweet Cecily’s

1st Birthday Wishes & Sunday Haul

lipcote packaging

I jumped with joy when this delightfully bright package appeared on my hallway table – I stared in wonderment with anticipation building and then ripped it open to find a smaller but similarly delightful package inside. Look at the lovely tissue paper so cute!

Lipcote unwrapped

Thanks to the lovelies at Canvas-London PR for getting this product out to me and I very much look forward to using it and sharing my thoughts. This will definitely encourage me to use a couple of my lipsticks more than usual!

Next up . . .

SuperNurse soft hands

There have been many good things said about this gorgeous hand cream and I cannot wait to get to work and see if this really makes the difference. Thoughts will be shared when the product has been used for at least three days. Thanks to the lovelies at Yes Nurse for this delightful package and check out the info that came with it – soooo true of my job role!

SuperNurse Steps

And a couple of leaflets . . .

SuperNurse pack

The packaging was very economical and extremely neat which I liked a lot.

As you can see Yes Nurse has also just turned ‘1’ so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Let us raise a glass . . .

Happy 1st Bday Yes Nurse

Get yourself over to Facebook and Twitter and share the love with Yes Nurse!

You can even find them on Pinterest!

Tatty Birthday