Last Minute Stocking Fillers – Blogmas Day 24

Last Minute Christmas Stocking Gifts


There is always something that gets forgotten in the haste of preparing for the big day. Check out my selection of little things that you can find whilst out and about just to stack up those stockings for a champagne breakfast and sneaky present opening. From Urban Decay to Yankee Candles this selection has something for everyone – although there is a lack of male presence! So for the men in your life check out the selection below for some last-minute gifts that can be found in many shops.
Last Minute Stocking Fillers for Him
If you man has a sweet tooth or likes to pamper himself there is something for almost anyone in the selection above. I hope you are more prepared than I am and are enjoying the holiday season.

It’s in the script . . .

Over the course of the year there are many movies and books released that are targeted at various difference types of audience. The type of audience for Valentine’s day is one that is hungry for a happy ending. I have listed some of the books and films that I think you might like for this loved up period.


The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris by Jenny Colgan

Not only is it about chocolate but there is an underlying love story brewing as with most of Jenny Colgan’s tasty reads.

Ali Harris The First Last Kiss

The book that broke my flood bank of tears in 2013 is most definitely one that I would recommend you snuggle up with a read if you get the chance. It may be a heart breaking story but so worth the read.

Breakfast at Tiffany's with extra stories by Truman Capote

Just because it is a classic – it is also short enough that you could finish it before your Valentine’s Date Night with some inspiration from none other than Hepburn herself. If you need visuals not only is the cover a sight for sore eyes but stick on the DVD and get ready whilst you watch!



In 2010 the director of Pretty Woman thought it would be a good idea to make this ‘romantic’ comedy/tragedy – well I just don’t know what genre it would fall under! It has Taylor Lautner without his furry coat and even Queen Latifah – what more could you want!

Style: "9142_LA_Disney_The_Proposal_Light_Test_01"

Isn’t this what every girl is waiting for on Valentine’s Day – I meant the film! A funny rom com with that fitty Ryan Reynolds to boot! Easy on the eyes and will have you giggling for the afternoon – Winning!

lone survivor movie poster

Now I haven’t seen this one yet however I have heard that it is absolutely EPIC. Note to self – GO TO THE BLOOMIN’ cinema soon! Not only will these make your other half (man half!) feel like you are thinking of him but you can have a good cry too. If anyone has seen it let me know what you thought.

Well lovelies I hope you all have a very romantic day whether you are single, coupled, married, WHATEVER!

Treat someone or treat yourself just have an amazing day.

LOVE heart

Lots of love from me to you 😀


Flowers & Hearts

The big day is tomorrow and all over the world there will be an explosion of hearts, flowers, chocolates, cards and kisses. Personally I am working tomorrow and the day after so I won’t be ‘celebrating’ the day. However on Sunday I will be going for a cycle with a dear friend of mine and having a nice chilled out day by the river. Hopefully the weather will be nice instead of rivers bursting their banks and winds so high trees are falling.

I have been scouring the internet for things that I would buy or would like to receive on Valentine’s Day and have selected a few out of the many for your viewing pleasure! If you click on all of the pictures they will be linked to the relevant sites.


For Him

Thorntons Whisky & Toffee Hamper

This Whisky & Toffee hamper is a delightful £29.99 and for the man who has your heart it may just tickle his fancy and get him in the mood for love on the night. I find that many forget the men on Valentine’s Day as it seems very much directed to the female side of things with all of the pink and red! Go on, treat him and his sweet tooth!

whisky and truffles


This hamper only slightly differs in that it contains Truffles instead of Toffees. So if the man in your life has tender teeth or prefers a chocolate to a toffee then this is clearly the better choice and for only a penny more coming in at £30.

For Her

I Love You More Than Chocolate Hamper


This scrumptious ‘I Love You More Than Chocolate’ hamper (which is sadly out of stock and I cannot find the price) has a lovely mixture of truffles, bars and hollow chocolate. Simple but tasty and unfortunately out of my reach! 

Indulgent Gift Bag CollectionFor £25 you can pick up this mouth-watering selection of chocolates, truffles and other sweet treats. To top it all off you get a lovely re-usable tote bag that will be very useful for your weekly shop or something of the like!

Prosecco Hamper with Truffles


If you want to celebrate with some bubbles and get your groove on then the mixture of Prosecco & Viennese Truffles should do the trick. With the bubbles flowing and the smooth silk feel of the truffles you should feel like one very special lady. This inviting hamper only costs £30.

Millie’s Cookies

Scrumptious Like You Baby - millies cookies


Man or Woman this sweet treat is guaranteed to send your blood sugars through the roof and might even let out those loving hormones. For £16.99 this appetizing pressie could be yours – sadly as it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow you will have to get down to your local Millie’s ASAP if you want one.


Serenata Flowers

blue dendrobium


For £19.99 although they won’t reached your loved one for Valentine’s Day the day after will be just as good and with such striking colours it is definitely worth the wait. A big difference from the regular red roses and something to remember.

1,2,3 Forever Roses

A dozen bright red roses for £49.99 plus £6.99 for delivery on Valentine’s Day if ordered ASAP – the staple go to flower for the special day and wrapped in some decorative cellophane with a lovely little bow on top. What more could you ask for!


Ultimate 100 Rose Hand-tied 499.99


The Ultimate 100 is the bouquet that blows all of the others out of the water however the price does the same. For £499.99 this colossal arrangement can be yours. Personally if I had that sort of money it would not be spent on flowers but each to their own!

So what have you bought or do you plan to buy your significant other for that ‘one’ special day?

Or do you spoil your other half rotten on more than one day a year?!


A Little Love . . .

For the rest of the week I will be posting about things that are linked to the upcoming big event that everyone is talking about. That’s right guys Valentine’s Day. This year for some reason it seems that Valentine’s Day is on steroids. Sadly (!) I will be working on the actual day so I will be making it Valentine’s WEEK!

bunch of flowers

The Run Down


Cocktails with Catherine


Flowers & Hearts

Friday (The BIG Day!)

Valentine’s Books & Movies


The Aftermath

So, what do you think? If there is anything in particular you would like to read about let me know! 

In between this love fest normal blogging will hopefully continue!