Christmas Party Time – Blogmas Day 18

Yes people we all know it is almost ‘that’ time of year again and once again we are all preening for Christmas Party time to end the season for work and let the family time commence – well for some. For once I am in this bracket as I have Christmas off and will be spending it at home (family away and himself by my side!). Whilst I long for that special day of snuggling up with the dogs at our feet and watching old movies whilst getting merry I am also getting very excited about my work Christmas party this week. Now I have already put up pictures of what my christmas outfit choices are. However I thought it would only be right to put together a ‘dream’ christmas party look. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Christmas Party Time
Christmas Party Time by blogabooketc

From the selection above I think my favourite items would be . . .

– Christian Louboutin T-Bar Nude Shoes

– Coast Dress

– Chanel Bag

– NARS Lipstick

Each item could be dressed up and down for many more occasions which is also an added bonus!

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On a crisp sunday morning with the sun blazing and promising the slightest bit of warmth later in the day the last thing I want to do is wrap up beyond belief only to have to carry all of my extra layers for the rest of the day. So for a look that does not resemble a pack-horse check out some of the gorgeous bits above. If I had to pick a top three from the selection it would have to be the boots, bag and lipstick as they can all be used again to make so many more outfits.

What is your go to outfit for a cheery Sunday morning?

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This set of beauties are my picks for essential go to products during fashion week. Now some may think that there are items that are slightly older than others, however classics never really go out of style. Comfort and style are a must when you are traipsing around shows and trying to keep your eye out for that one piece that really stands out. I have yet to have my New York Fashion Week debut however I am sure I will get there one day! Heading for London Fashion Week may be a bit more achievable for now!
There are so many collections out there of what to wear and how to wear it and some items are truly fabulous. Keep your eyes peeled like I am and grab hold of those wardrobe staples as Winter is just around the corner. From Primark to AARK there is such a grand selection out there.

What will you choose?