Christmas Party Time – Blogmas Day 18

Yes people we all know it is almost ‘that’ time of year again and once again we are all preening for Christmas Party time to end the season for work and let the family time commence – well for some. For once I am in this bracket as I have Christmas off and will be spending it at home (family away and himself by my side!). Whilst I long for that special day of snuggling up with the dogs at our feet and watching old movies whilst getting merry I am also getting very excited about my work Christmas party this week. Now I have already put up pictures of what my christmas outfit choices are. However I thought it would only be right to put together a ‘dream’ christmas party look. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Christmas Party Time
Christmas Party Time by blogabooketc

From the selection above I think my favourite items would be . . .

– Christian Louboutin T-Bar Nude Shoes

– Coast Dress

– Chanel Bag

– NARS Lipstick

Each item could be dressed up and down for many more occasions which is also an added bonus!

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Christmas Jumper Day – Blogmas Day 12

12 days in and we are half way through the month and so close to christmas with less than 2 weeks to go things have been kicked up a notch at camp Blog A Book (Work, Home etc!). Today is Christmas Jumper Day – if you have more luck than I did with the Save the Children web page you can find out how to get involved (even this late in the day!). All money raised today with Save the Children goes towards vulnerable children in the UK and Abroad. Many people believe that charity starts at home and that really is a scrooged way to think about it, however if you have it to give then do – well that is my take on it anyway. In aid of this giving day I have put together a collection of Ladies, Mens and Children’s jumpers that you can wear for the rest of the festive season.

Ladies First!

Women's Christmas Jumpers 2014
With many budgets in mind this selection has something for everyone – go on get click happy!

For the Man in your Life


Mens Christmas Jumpers
The selection of jumpers for men seems to be a lot more on the festive side this year than the women’s collections. Either that or maybe it is just where I have been shopping! The selection above is clearly the more colourful end of the spectrum rather than your regular sedate style of jumper. If your man will not go for a very out there style like the ones above there are darker less obvious versions available.

For the Kiddiwinkles!


Kids Christmas Bits
From baby’s first christmas to toddlers bits and bobs there is a variety of lovely snuggly items for the little ones to get trussed up in. Have you bought your little ones mittens and jumpers yet? If not check out the selection and much more available on-line and in stores now.

I am yet to buy my Christmas jumper – which one should I go for?

Halloween Chic

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With Halloween just around the corner ladies and gents I am sure there are plenty out there ready to ham it up in their latest trick or treat/fancy dress get up. If there is a party invite then I will definitely be one of them, however there is always room for a little chic for a night out on the town on this ghostly night. In an effort to glam up and bring sexy back (oh dear – sorry JT!) I have put together a couple of things that I reckon would look great for a glam night out for Halloween. Of course I have tried to stick to Black and Orange not only because a lovely burnt orange is always nice for Autumn but obviously it is the colour of a PUMPKIN!

Halloween Chic

What are your favourite items for this time of year?

#1 Hand Care

Soft & Supple Hands
There are so many hand care items on the market that the saturation point seems to be close. However there seem to be more on the horizon every day with different brands sprouting out of the woodwork at every chance available. This however can only be seen as a good thing from my side of things. There is always room for improvement when it comes to skin care and especially hand cream.
Above is a selection of creams that I have tried and tested over a period of time and found to be the best of those that are deemed affordable and if even slightly expensive most definitely worth the price paid. With Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream at the top of the price charts and the Botanics Intensive Hand Cream at the bottom there is a wide variety in type and price in between that offer so much for the eyes to see and the hands to benefit from.
The two most universal products of the bunch are Lush’s Ultrabalm and Burt’s Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Creme, both of which can be used on hands, lips and other parts of the body. Ultrabalm is a staple in my handbag and travel bag, there is also one that seems to be stuck inside my gym bag just incase I forget my regular body moisturiser. Being more of a balm you only tend to need a small amount which is great. The only problem I have with this particular balm is the smell – it is not very nice! The Burt’s Bees product however smells edible (IT IS NOT!).
My two absolute favourite products are Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve which leaves my hands feeling like they have been coated in a silk glove and Korres Almond Oil and Shea Butter Nourishing Hand Cream. The Korres product in particular is great as the scent is just so beautiful and feels great when your hands are coated and snuggled up in moisturising gloves. For work I must say Kiehl’s wins hands down.
As I wash my hands at least 50 times a day (not an exaggeration in the slightest!) as well as using alcohol gel and wearing gloves my hands get pretty dry and tired. Kiehl’s really does pull them out of that funk and combats the dryness immediately. Once worked into the hands they will feel soft, supple and cared for. In other words – callous be gone!
One little product that I haven’t included in this group of lovelies is an extra cheap treat that you can pick up in your local Superdrug on the off-chance that you have no hand cream to hand and just need a touch of moisture to last you until you get to your regular supply.
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Check out that price tag! For a couple of pounds with change this beauty can get you out of a tight spot!

So lovelies those are my choices of hand care after a tough shift on a busy hospital unit – no matter what you do with your day/night/life good hand care is essential and these bad boys will sort you out to no end.

Are there any in the group that you have tried and loved?

Are there any that you would like to try but have never been sure whether to take the plunge? 

Are there any that you would recommend?

Get in touch . . .

Let me know!