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After a while away from Monday posting here I am again! It’s not that I haven’t been reading but working weekends and not having anything scheduled leaves holes in the blog! 😦 Better organisation is much-needed.


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Keep checking back for the review – I will link it up to this post and onto Goodreads 😀

Currently Reading

I feel like I have reached a bit of a stalemate between myself and my pile of books.

At the moment the books that I am considering for reading are

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This book was a recommendation by a member of staff in my favourite Foyles store due to my search for a book like The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas. I wonder will it live up to the wonderful recommendation.

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With a yearning to delve into the classics I picked up a copy of this at my local second-hand bookshop – the place is a cavern for EVERYTHING new and old and I generally come out with a handful of books I do not need but so desperately want.
My copy of this has a different cover but I couldn’t find a picture so will take one later.

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This was sent to me last year from what I can remember and I now have three from what I can only call a series.
I am yet to read any of Ali McNamara’s books but if they are anything like my usual type of chick lit read I am sure I will enjoy it.
This one in particular I have actually started so I just need to get into it and speed through the series so I can catch up to the new release of From Notting Hill with Four Weddings Actually as that is patiently waiting in line and is released very soon.

If you were me, which would you pick?

Or would you be ambitious and go for all three as they are all completely different types of read.

This could be a very interesting week!




This wonderful meme is the brainchild of Sheila from Book Journey. Sadly due to work commitments I do not partake as much as I would like. However my toe is dipped in the water enough to be classified as lukewarm!

This week there has not been much reading going on over a Blog A Book however I am aiming to catch up with myself – after the steak dinner and glass of red my friend will imminently provide.

So the nitty-gritty . . .

Currently Reading

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This book is surprisingly difficult to get into and my feelings towards it at the moment are far from positive. However thinking back to The End of Mr Y – I will stick with it for another 50 pages and see how I go.

Finished Reading

For Once in My Life, Marianne Kavanagh, Books, Reading, Review, Fiction, Relationships, Blog A Book Etc

All I need to say here is Marianne Kavanagh is a great writer and just all out lovely person. Her book was enjoyable as you can read HERE and she is just so sweet which you can see HERE.

Next To Read

Bridget Jones, Helen Fielding, Books, Reviews, Reading, Fiction, Chick Lit, Blog A Book Etc

As listed in my books to read in August this is the next book on my list that is one out of my pile of many that have been sitting there for some time. HOWEVER . . . There are a few books that I received the other day that I really do want to get stuck into. Take a look.

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Nice little pile there right! Am I not a lucky girl! Well I think so anyway! Relevant thank you’s have been sent out over t’internet via the wonderful Instagram – click on the link you know you want to see what I get up to!

How is your Monday going so far?

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella Wedding Night

The back of the book says:

‘Lottie is tired of long-term boyfriends who don’t want to commit to marriage. When her old boyfriend Ben reappears and reminds her of their pact to get married if they were both still single at thirty, she jumps at the chance. There will be no dates and no engagement—just a straight wedding march to the altar!  Next comes the honeymoon on the Greek island where they first met. But not everyone is thrilled with Lottie and Ben’s rushed marriage, and family and friends are determined to intervene…’

My Thoughts:

Every intention I had for this review was directed at reviewing whilst reading however as per usual with Kinsella I was consumed by the writing and not a lot else was completed (apart from obligatory attendance at work!). This book travelled with me on trains, buses and even to places in my house that I am sure you would rather not know about. Kinsella for me is the holy grail of chick lit and very rarely disappoints. The only downside to this particular book would be that my personal interest was steered more towards the second character instead of the main.

There are many issues that are highlighted in this book that may be relevant to the average single female in her late twenties such as the wide world of singledom and the impending doom of dare I say it AGE. Being stuck in a relationship that many feelings are one-sided can really suck at times and this is another delicate issue that Kinsella ploughed through and at the same time touched on precious points with such elegant finesse. This book can be taken with a pinch of salt so to speak and as with other Kinsella books I laughed pretty much all the way through.  Most definitely a palette cleanser. Attempts of sabotage justified by sisterly love are also swayed by prejudgment of an unknown case due to previous personal experience of the instigator of such sabotage and the not so unexpected hook ups are just hilarious. Kinsella delivered this book with an ethereal style and it was much appreciated.

Many thanks to: Bantam Press (Part of Random House)

Buy it from: AmazonWaterstonesBook Depository

Pages: 400




worthy fix

Terms of Employment by Charlie Croker

terms of employment by charlie croker

Random house says:

‘Has your doctor ever prescribed you some bug-juice? Or sent you to the rheumaholidaydepartment? Have you ever read an article full of anecdata or reviewphemisms? Do you think you work in an adhocracy, for a seagull manager?

Every workplace has its own words and phrases, from the Smurf juice used to clean plane toilets to the Peckham Rolexes, worn by criminals on release from prison. For Terms of Employment, Charlie Croker has patrolled hospital corridors, hung out by office water-coolers and lingered in shops to listen in on the conversations that only take place at work, gathering together the jargon we all use, often without thinking.

Whether you’re a white wig (new barrister), a heatseeker (ambitious employee) or an entreprenerd (geeky IT pioneer) Terms of Employment is an invaluable – and entertaining – guide.’

My thoughts:

My initial expectations were for this book to be quick-witted, funny and a bit of a surprise. Instead it was old school, dated and quite frankly a little bit boring. Some of the phrases used neither myself or colleagues who have worked in the NHS for many years have ever heard of and other professions which I am lucky enough to have friends in are yet to hear of some of the supposed colloquial slang. Even some tongue in cheek humour would be appreciated but that it most definitely was not.

Being that my expectations were dashed by the second chapter I gave this book a long shot at redemption and flicked through to the middle and near the end. Sadly I cannot say it got better but maybe that is just me. I have never been known to lack a sense of humour but maybe this book is just not to my taste.

That is all.

From: Random House

Pages: 256

Rating: rating1*

Bad Brew