Last Minute Stocking Fillers – Blogmas Day 24

Last Minute Christmas Stocking Gifts


There is always something that gets forgotten in the haste of preparing for the big day. Check out my selection of little things that you can find whilst out and about just to stack up those stockings for a champagne breakfast and sneaky present opening. From Urban Decay to Yankee Candles this selection has something for everyone – although there is a lack of male presence! So for the men in your life check out the selection below for some last-minute gifts that can be found in many shops.
Last Minute Stocking Fillers for Him
If you man has a sweet tooth or likes to pamper himself there is something for almost anyone in the selection above. I hope you are more prepared than I am and are enjoying the holiday season.

Exploring with my camera – Signs

Apparently this month the theme for exploration through my lens is signs and I thought as I am off for another couple of days aside from going to the gym more I will be carrying my camera with me to most of the places I decide to go.

Now I know that most of my time off is spent in Starbucks but I am sure improvisation and the signage on my travels to and from the other places in my life will render useful for an image or two.

I will use this post as a base and keep updating with a link back to here.

Have a great day, but before I go I will leave you with my first sign pic from one of my favourite places in London.

South Bank River signKissesYoung1