Halloween Chic

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With Halloween just around the corner ladies and gents I am sure there are plenty out there ready to ham it up in their latest trick or treat/fancy dress get up. If there is a party invite then I will definitely be one of them, however there is always room for a little chic for a night out on the town on this ghostly night. In an effort to glam up and bring sexy back (oh dear – sorry JT!) I have put together a couple of things that I reckon would look great for a glam night out for Halloween. Of course I have tried to stick to Black and Orange not only because a lovely burnt orange is always nice for Autumn but obviously it is the colour of a PUMPKIN!

Halloween Chic

What are your favourite items for this time of year?


The Aftermath

cupid clip art

Isn’t it sad when that one day that you have been building up to for the past month or so (a couple of days or on the day for some!) is finally over. What happens to all of the presents and cards that were bought? What happens to all of the jovial spirit that was out there in the open prior to the almost atomic combustion on the day? Do we/should we come to such a grinding halt just because that ‘one’ day is over?

Or do we carry on saying I love you for the rest of time?

Valentine’s Day or St Valentine’s Day is a tradition that has been embedded into society as the one day a year we say I LOVE YOU but why just one day?


I ask myself the same question about Christmas these days. For a religious holiday it has turned into a consumerist feast where people spend what they don’t have to give to those who want and some of whom do not appreciate. Why not buy all of your Christmas presents on boxing day, save half the money and the people you like/love still get those fabulous things?!

Just saying!



Christmas 101. . . For Me!

What is on your to-do list for Christmas preparation?

Everyone is different when it comes to Christmas and there are a plethora of activities that are neatly written/typed up for us to try and complete in time for the big day. If my last Christmas taught me anything it was that the most important thing at Christmas time is my family. Working over Christmas and taking care of other peoples relatives instead of being with your own is a very strange feeling. However the weird thing is we were less concerned about the materialistic aspects of Christmas (mostly for adults to put on for Children) and more concerned about the quality time we got to spend with each other.

This year we are spending Christmas with a lot more of our family than usual and doing it in style in the US. We have agreed to get only little gifts for each other for the day however we will go out on Boxing day or a couple of days after Christmas during the sales and get the things we want or need for a lot cheaper than the days before the big day.

This Christmas we will be waking up to have a breakfast with lots of family and friends around the table. We will sit together and talk about things we haven’t heard about in 10 years. I will be with my family for Christmas and that to me is something more important than anything else in the world. I love them all dearly and cannot wait for that day.

The many years before when the shopping craze took over me my list looked something like this:

– Christmas Cards

– Secret Santa Gifts

– Presents for Family

– Presents for Friends

– Presents for God-daughters

– Presents for me

– Lists of books and bookish things I want

– Alcohol list (Champagne)

– Food list

– More alcohol list (More Champagne)

– Logs for fire

– Candles

– Christmas movie list (Family tradition – we have a pre-made list!)

What’s on your list?!

Festive Shopping

As I am not going to be around this Christmas I will have to start my Christmas shopping early this year. With not so much to buy it should be slightly easier on my bank balance but as prices go up I doubt this will be the case. Take a look at some of things I have managed to find whilst trawling the net for gifts for the special people in my life.

For the Book Worm (Modern day!)

Kindle Fire Hd

Kindle Fire HD – £109 – Available from various retails but originally from Amazon

After a quick conversation with my good friend about what her daughter wants for Christmas – this is what was mentioned. The valid point was made that a Kindle is a device to read not to go online, play games and whatever else they currently are able to do. I understand that there are many tablets out there but in my opinion Kindle has taken it one step too far and just complicated their simple original brand. 

For the House

Tassimo t40 Multi Drinks

Tassimo T40 Fidelia Multi Drinks Machine – Silver – £59.99 (Originally £119.99) from Argos

A gadget that I long for and have heard many great things about. Something that will sort out my coffee craving in the morning before heading out to work and without the extra cost of a coffee chain store. Stylish, compact and at the moment cheap at half the price – literally! I am hoping this sale lasts until pay day as it is something that I am seriously thinking about buying. My only bug bear is that the capsules seem to be quite expensive, however compared to the price of one coffee in a coffee shop to a packet of 6 – not that bad! With 8 extra large cups of Costa Caramel Latte for just £4.99 and deals such as 2 packets for £6 at Tesco why not!!!

For the Ladies

dermalogica facial

Dermalogica Facial – 40 minutes for £60 – from Earth Spa

This may seem like a slightly excessive price but just remember two things. If not during the festive season (apart from birthdays!) when can you treat yourself?! Luckily before my trip ended I had an Aromatherapy Dermalogica massage and it was absolutely amazing. My skin was fresh although slightly sore at one point from the extraction by the time I left I was walking on a cloud of peace and serenity. I am hoping to experience yet another glorious Dermalogica experience again before Christmas as my skin has decided to break out into all kinds of nastiness since my return.

For the Men

kiehls mens christmas

Ultimate Man Refuelling Kit – £60 (3 Full Size items and 3 samples) – From Kiehl’s

Altogether this lovely bundle can be bought for £60. There are a couple of things that are only samples but can be bought in full size for quite reasonable prices. Check out the website and see what you get in this joyful bundle. As there is no full sized advert I just put together the above picture so you can see what is on offer. Most men will not admit that they love to preen so when you buy them something like this they will most likely squeal a silent cry of  joy!

There are many more gifts out there and many places to find them. The above are only a few suggestions based on personal recommendation and my actual christmas list.

What is on your Christmas list? 

santa with list