NARS Audacious BETTE

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Just yesterday I headed over to Westfield in White City with one of my colleagues for a little shopping trip and a catch up. I picked up a couple of goodies for me and about the house. The one item that was truly out there for me was my brand spanking new NARS Lipstick. As the title says this gorgeous autumn shade is part of the new Audacious collection in the colour Bette. Never really being one to opt for bold coloured lips this colour really is a big thing for me. Of course to counteract my flamboyant colour choice I also purchased a Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama which is a beautiful nude shade which I will talk about in another post.

Back to Bette . . .

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A deep shade of red that slicks onto the lips like satin sheets against bare skin. This lipstick makes my lips feel super sexy and even added a bit of pep to my step after a slightly rubbish weekend. It is true that cosmetics and in general beauty can make you feel better inside and out. Check out this gorgeous lipstick and go to the website and see what other fabulous colours it is available in. At the moment the UK website is not allowing you to buy but of course Westfield is there if you can get to it.

NARS, Nars Cosmetics, Audacious Collection, Audacious, Bette, Red, Deep Red, Dark Red, Lipstick, Autumn

Not only is the actual colour of the lipstick gorgeous the packing is chic and just so functional. With a little magnet incorporated there is no chance your lid will go walkies whilst in your make up bag/handbag/pocket! So both beautiful and functional. This is most definitely one colour that I will be wearing on my days off just to jazz up my most ordinary look.

What is your go to colour? Any favourites?